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Fresno Test Sessions


Congratulations to our skaters who passed their USFSA tests!

January 2023:


Blake - Novice MIF & Juvenile FS

Hayden - Intermediate FS


Previous USFS Tests:

December 2022:

Annette - Juvenile MIF with Honors and Intermediate MIF with Honors


November 2022

Maya - Pre Preliminary MIF

Yuri - Preliminary MIF 

October 2022:

Sienna - Senior FS with Honors Double Gold Medalist

Annamarie - Junior MIF

Blake - Pre-Juvenile FS

Ayana - Pre-Preliminary MIF

Hayden - Pre-Juvenile FS and Novice MIF

Madison - Novice FS

Layla - Pre-Preliminary MIF with Honors and Pre-Preliminary FS

Emily - Pre-Preliminary MIF and FS

Angelina - Pre-Preliminary MIF with Honors and Pre-Preliminary FS

Rachel - Juvenile MIF

Brent - Adult Pre-Bronze MIF and FS

Amelia - Pre-Preliminary MIF

Caitlin - Juvenile MIF and Pre-Juvenile FS

Sidney - Juvenile FS




Jessica - Adaptive Bronze FS; Carson - Pre-Preliminary FS; Audrey - Pre-Preliminary MIF

Cheyenne - USFS Senior Free Skate

Annette - Preliminary Free Skate with Honors

Anamarie-Novice MIF & Juvenile FS; Hadyden-Intermediate MIF with honors & Juvenile FS; Madison-Senior MIF; Blake-Juvenile MIF & Preliminary FS

Anya:  Intermediate Free Skate


Madison-Junior MIF & Intermediate FS with honors; Hayden-Juvenile MIF with honors; Blake-Pre-Juvenile MIF with honors; Yuri-Pre-Preliminary MIF; Yuhan-Preliminary MIF; Jessica-Adaptive Bronze MIF; Caitlin-Pre-Juvenile MIF; Sidney-Novice MIF

Blake - Preliminary MIF

Anya-Intermediate MIF; Mia-Intermediate MIF; Annette-Pre-Juvenile MIF; Jessica-Adaptive Pre-Bronze MIF; Annamarie-Pre-Juvenile FS (with honors); Kaden-Pre-Preliminary FS; Zayna-Pre-Preliminary FS

Blake-Pre-Preliminary FS; Kayse-Preliminary FS, with honors; Angelina-Pre-Preliminary FS; Avery-Pre-Preliminary FS; Ashley-Adaptive Pre-Bronze

Sienna-Junior FS; Carol Joy-Juvenile MIF; Aurora-Preliminary MIF & Pre-Preliminary FS; Aneleese-Preliminary MIF; Blake-Pre-Preliminary MIF; Jessica-Pre-Preliminary FS; Madison-Novice MIF; Annamarie-Intermediate MIF; Kayse-Pre-Juvenile MIF; Emily-Pre-Preliminary FS; Zayna-Preliminary MIF; Anya-Juvenile FS

Carson - Pre-Preliminary MIF

Hailey- Pre Preliminary Free Skate; Kaden- Pre Preliminary MIF; Sarah- Preliminary MIF & Free Skate; Zayna- Pre Preliminary MIF; Kayse- Pre Preliminary Free Skate

Yuyi- Pre-Preliminary MIF & Freeskate; Annette- Pre-Preliminary Freeskate; Jane- Adult Pre-Bronze MIF; Addison- Juvenile MIF; Carol Joy- Pre-Juvenile MIF; Maddison- Juvenile Freeskate; Annamarie- Juvenile MIF; Anya- Pre-Juvenile Freeskate; Kayse- Preliminary MIF; Ashley- Preliminary MIF; Avery- Preliminary MIF

Aneleese  and Hailey for passing their Pre Preliminary MIF

Annette, Addison, Ann Marie, Gracie, Emily, Chuhang, Rachel, Anya, Cheyenne,  Kambria, Kate, & Chuhang who passed 4 tests this day!

Sienna who passed her USFSA Gold MIF test with honors


Hailey Gonsalves - Pre Preliminary MIF; Addison Kenney - Pre Preliminary FS; AnnaMarie Ochoa - Pre Preliminary FS;

Ashley Lightfoot - Pre Preliminary MIF; Carrie Davis - Pre Bronze MIF


Avery Reynolds - Pre-Preliminary MIF; Carol Joy McKinnis - Preliminary MIF & Pre-Preliminary FS; Kasey Findley - Pre-Preliminary MIF;

Rachel Lazar Pre-Juvenile FS & Juvenile FS; Heli Balsara - Pre-Juvenile MIF; Gracie Richardson - Juvenile MIF; Anya Patel - Preliminary FS


Carol Joy - Pre Preliminary MIF; Addison Kenney - Pre Preliminary MIF & Preliminary MIF; Emily Reynolds - Pre Preliminary MIF; Anna Marie Ochoa Preliminary MIF


Mia - Pre Juvenile MIF; Claire - Juvenile MIF; Sienna - Junior MIF; Gracie - Pre Juvenile MIF; Madison - Intermediate MIF; Kieth - Juvenile MIF & Preliminary Freeskate; Anya - Pre Juvenile MIF; Heli - Preliminary Freeskate



Rachel - Pre Preliminary MIF & FS; Anna Marie - Pre Preliminary MIF

Good Job Girls!


Cheyenne - Novice MIF; Rachel & Kate - Juvenile MIF; Hayden & Claire - Pre-Juvenile MIF; Mia - Preliminary MIF

So proud of you all!


Our goal is to provide quarterly test sessions depending on the needs of our skaters.  

Check back here for upcoming test dates and applications.  

Test Schedules will be posted approximately one week before the test date. 

Upcoming Test Dates:



Test Schedules:



Club Test Form Download

We accept the current test form only.

Prices are listed on test form. Test Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE unless cancellation is due to an injury or illness. A doctor’s note must accompany the request for a refund.

NOTE: A request to move a test to a later date will be considered a cancellation and a new test form and fees must be submitted. Due to limited ice availability, test dates fill quickly. Tests are scheduled on a first received basis. Reservations without a test form and fees are not accepted.

For more information, please contact one or both of the test chairs:

Janel Chastagner at 

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