Ice Skating Club of Fresno

Founded 1949 * Gateway Ice Center * Member USFSA


2018 Events:

Arrowhead Open Championships

Madison Chastagner:  2nd Open Juvenile Free Skate

Ashley Lightfoot:  4th No Test Showcase Indian Maidens

Skate St. Moritz 2018

ISCF well represented in Oakland - 15 skaters, 19 medals, 21 events!  So proud of our ladies!


Ashley Lightfoot  1st Beginner Dramatic

Hailey Gonsalves  3rd Beginner Light Entertainment

Madison Chastanger  1st Excel Juvenile Plus

Gracie Richardson  1st Excel Preliminary & 1st Preliminary Duets

Mia Fujii  2nd Excel Preliminary

Chloe Nelson  3rd Excel Preliminary

Rachel Lazar 1st Excel Preliminary Plus; 1st Preliminary Light Entertainment; 3rd Preliminary Dramatic

Avery Reynolds  1st High Beginner Dramatic

Carol Joy McKinnis  3rd High Beginner Dramatic & 3rd No Test Jumps

Addison Kenney  3rd High Beginner Light Entertainment

Sienna Dyer  1st Novice Dramatic

Kate Richardson  1st Preliminary Jumps &  1st Preliminary Duets

Ayna Patel  3rd Pre-Preliminary Dramatic

Cheyenne Dyer  1st Teen Dramatic



Glacier Falls Summer Classic:

Sienna Dyer 2nd Novice Dramatic

Anya Patel 3rd PrePreliminary Dramatic

Cheyenne Dyer 4th Intermediate Dramatic

Natanya Gunn 3rd Jr Dramatic

Red, White and Blue Competition:

Sienna Dyer:  2nd Intermediate Sport Program & 3rd Intermediate Long Program

Anya Patel:  3rd Pre Preliminary Dramatic Entertainment

Cheyenne Dyer:  5th Open Juvenile Freeskate

Gracie & Kate Richardson:  1st Preliminary Duet

Gracie Richardson:  1st Preliminary Interpretive & 3rd Preliminary Dramatic Entertainment


Cheyenne Dyer:  2nd Intermediate Interpretive; 2nd Intermediate Dramatic 

Sienna Dyer:  1st Intermediate Interpretive; 2nd Intermediate Dramatic; 4th Intermediate Free Skate

Spring Jubilee:

Kate and Gracie Richardson:  1st Preliminary Duet

Anya Patel:  4th Pre-Preliminary Dramatic

Carol Joy McKinnis:  3rd No Test Dramatic

Cheyenne Dyer:  1st Juvenile/Teen Dramatic

Sienna Dyer:  2nd Intermediate/Novice Dramatic with Recall

Rachel Lazar:  3rd Preliminary Light Entertainment




Gold Rush Classic:

Carol Joy McKinnis:  1st High Beginner Light Entertainment & Interpretive, 2nd Dramatic

Rachel Lazar:  1st Preliminary Interpretive & 4th Dramatic

2017 Events:

Central Pacific Regional FS Competition:

Sienna Dyer:  3rd Juvenile Freeskate with 2 Special Achievement Awards!  She qualifies for Sectionals in Spokane!

St. Moritz:

Hayden Chastagner:  1st Preliminary Spins

Madison Chastagner:  1st Juvenile Test Track Free Skate

Talia Landau:  1st High Beginner Interpretive, 2nd High Beginner Light Entertainment & 6th High Beginner Freeskate

Anya Patel:  3rd Preliminary Spins, 4th Pre-Preliminary Jumps & 4th Pre-Preliminary Interpretive 

National Showcase in Santa Rosa:

Cheyenne Dyer:  2nd Juvenile Interpretive

Sienna Dyer:  2nd Juvenile Light Entertainment & 4th Juvenile Interpretive 

Rachel Lazar:  3rd Preliminary Interpretive

Gracie Richardson:  4th Preliminary Light Entertainment


Silicon Valley Open:

Sienna Dyer:  1st Juvenile Short Program & 3rd Juvenile Freeskate

Anya Patel:  2nd Preliminary Spins

Glacier Falls Summer Classic:

Cheyenne Dyer:  1st Juvenile Teen Light Entertainment & 3rd Juvenile Dramatic

Sienna Dyer:  2nd Juvenile Teen Light Entertainment & 2nd Juvenile Dramatic

Central California Interclub Association Competition:

Cheyenne Dyer:  1st Juvenile Dramatic

Sienna Dyer:  1st Juvenile Freeskate & 2nd Juvenile Dramatic

Gateway In House Competition:

Spring Jubilee in San Jose:

Sienna Dyer:  1st Juvenile Light Entertainment, 2nd Juvenile Short Program & 3rd Juvenile Dramatic with Showcase Recall

Kate Richardson:  1st Pre-Preliminary Jumps, 1st Pre-Preliminary Spins & 3rd Pre-Preliminary Dramatic

Rachel Lazar:  1st Preliminary Dramatic & 2nd Preliminary Light Entertainment

Gracie Richardson:  3rd Preliminary Light Entertainment

Cheyenne Dyer:  2nd Juvenile Light Entertainment & 4th Juvenile Dramatic

Gracie Richardson & Rachel Lazar:  1st Preliminary Duet

Crystalline Classic in Santa Rosa:

Gracie Richardson:  1st Preliminary Interpretive

Rachel Lazar:  2nd Preliminary Interpretive & 2nd Preliminary Dramatic

Gracie Richardson & Rachel Lazar:  1st Preliminary Duet

Sienna Dyer:  2nd Juvenile Dramatic

Cheyenne Dyer:  4th Juvenile Dramatic & 2nd Juvenile Interpretive

Natanya Gunn:  1st Intermediate/Novice Interpretive & 4th Intermediate Light Entertainment

Gold Rush Showcase

Sienna Dyer:  1st place in Juvenile Dramatic with Showcase Recall & 1st in Juvenile/Novice Interpretive

Cheyenne Dyer:   4th Juvenile/Novice Interperative

Gracie Richardson & Rachel Lazar:  1st Preliminary Duet

Rachel Lazar:  1st Preliminary Interpretive & 2nd Preliminary Dramatic with Showcase Recall

Gracie Richardson:  2nd Preliminary Interpretive


2016 Events:

Desert Ice Open

Rachel Lazar:  2nd place Showcase Dramatic Entertainment Preliminary

Gracie Richardson:  2nd place Preliminary Interpretive 

Rachel Lazar & Gracie Richardson:  1st Place Showcase Duet Light Entertainment Preliminary

Pasadena Open

Natanya Gunn:  3rd Place Juvenile Freeskate

Talia Landau:  1st No-Test Dramatic

Anya Patel:  3rd No-Test Light Dramatic

Skate St. Moritz

Natanya Gunn: 1st Juvenile Freeskate & 2nd in Juvenile Light Entertainment and Interpretive! 
Sienna Dyer: 1st Pre-Juvenile Freeskate, 1st Juvenile  Light Entertainment & 3rd Intermed/Juv Dramatic and Interpretive!
Cheyenne Dyer: 2nd Juvenile Light Entertainment & 4th PreJuvenile Interpretive
Our gals are AWESOME!

Orange County Open

Congratulations to Natanya Gunn who placed 1st in both Open Juvenile Freeskate and Artistic at the Orange County Open Competition last weekend 8/13!

Silicon Valley Open in San Jose
Cheyenne Dyer- 3rd Juvenile Light Entertainment
Sienna Dyer- 1st Juvenile Dramatic, 1st Juvenile Light Dramatic and 2nd Pre-Juvenile Freeskate
Rachel Freeman- 2nd No Test Light Entertainment
Talia Landau- 4th No test Dramatic
Anya Patel- 3rd No Test Light Entertainment & 5th No Test Freeskate.
Whew!! Incredible skating ladies!!

Glacier Falls Classic in Anaheim

Congratulation to Cheyenne & Siena Dyer and Natanya Gunn who qualified for 2017 National Showcase!!

Natanya Gunn:   1st in Intermediate Interpretive, 1st in Open Juvenile Dramatic and 2nd in Open Juvenile Freeskate

Cheyenne Dyer:   2nd in Juvenile Dramatic and 2nd in Pre-Juvenile Interpretive

Sienna Dyer:  1st in Juvenile/Teen Interpretive, 1st in Juvenile Dramatic and 7th in Pre-Juvenile Freeskate

CCIA Competition, Santa Rosa

Cheyenne Dyer:   2nd Place in Juvenile Dramatic

Sienna Dyer:  4th Place in Juvenile Dramatic

Talia Landau:  4th Place in Limited No Test Dramatic!

Skate St. Moritz 2018


2017 Competition Season