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Founded: 1949

Training facility: Gateway Ice Center

Member club of United States Figure Skating

2014-2015 ISCF Membership Application

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The Latest News


Yosemite trip canceled

The club trip to Yosemite originally scheduled for 2/22/15 has been canceled due to the weather forecast (rain).

Skate and costume swap

The club will host a skate and costume swap on Saturday, 4/11/15 at the rink. Skate and costume donations are welcome. You can also sell your items, either trough the club or on your own. A flyer with more details will be available later.

Spring in-house competition

The in-house competition has been scheduled for Saturday, 5/16/15, 4:15-6:45.



Congratulations to our club member Souvanthong Muangkhoua on passing his Intermediate MIF and FS tests recently!


Test session on 2/6/15

Congratulations to Madison Chastagner and Gracie Richardson on passing their tests today, and thank you Melinda Graff for judging!



Congratulations to our club member Gracie Richardson on passing FreeSkate 6!


Warm welcome!

We are happy to announce that Lisa Hakimi is now a primary coach.


Skate for free on public!

Great news for our club members!!! We can now skate free of charge on public sessions at Gateway Ice Center if we wear our club jackets. The club jacket is required at all times on the ice though. If you get hot or for whatever reason you want to take your jacket off, you need to pay the admission fee. However, the rink management says that unfortunately this rule will change soon and everybody will have to pay for public.

Older news

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